God's Wild Dogs

We have been fortunate enough to have been living with Kugsha since 1997.  The first pix was our first male, Nootka GreatBear Oklavik of Greystone.  He had two different mates in his life.  The first one came from HabbenHaus Kennels and lost her mind at around four years old.  She had been traumatized as a baby before we got her.  The second female, just before she was old enough to mate, Stone Mountain's Dr. Moorehead cost us NootkaBear's life.  The two we have now, are Waptake, NootkaBear's full blood nephew, took me 3.5 years to get; and Tiponi, the female, the end pix, is the sweetest female ever born.  So we now have the two sweetest Kugsha that ever lived.  Waptake and Tiponi.

The numerous pictures may be slow to load, but well worth the wait.  I am working on getting load time down.  Sorry.


God's Wild Dogs!

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